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Hi all my dear friends. How are you.? I hope fine. I'm also fine by the grace of Almighty. As you all know that I'm an artist. I like to draw any kind of drawing or painting. Most of the time I like to draw a meaningful painting and drawing. Today I have come to share another nft art to show you all.

About the art.

Today I have come to show another nft art. Today I draw the beautiful nft art of mysterious parrot . It’s a meaningful art. I draw this art from my own imagination. It’s another meaningful art . I made it so colourful using different colour . I draw the art by me. I took about an hour to draw this art.

My feelings.

I feel really well to share this art with you all. Drawing is my most favourite hobby. When I sit to draw unique something I get so much pleasure. Today it’s not different. I'm so much happy to share this art.

Drawing instruments.

  • mobile phone &
  • infinite painter Android app

Step by step drawing process.

Step : 01

At the first step I draw the shape of the body and bill using white colour .
Screenshot_20230330-132919_Infinite Painter.jpg

Step : 02

Then I coloured to the bill of the parrot using blue colour.
Screenshot_20230330-133254_Infinite Painter.jpg

Step : 03

Then I draw more details to the bill of the parrot using white colour.
Screenshot_20230330-133845_Infinite Painter.jpg

Step : 04

Then I draw more details to the body of the parrot using lite colour.
Screenshot_20230330-134038_Infinite Painter.jpg

Step : 05

Then I draw the eyes of the parrot using white and black colour.
Screenshot_20230330-140936_Infinite Painter.jpg

Step : 06

Then I draw the details to the wings of the parrot using white colour.
Screenshot_20230330-144511_Infinite Painter.jpg

Step : 07

Then I draw some beautiful plant in the bottom of the art.
Screenshot_20230330-153831_Infinite Painter.jpg

Step : 08

At the last step I draw more beautiful flower of the plant using red and pink colour.
Screenshot_20230330-154417_Infinite Painter.jpg

Final output

Concept of the art

You all know that I'm an artist and I like to draw amy kind of creative art using different colour and digitally. Today I made a beautiful nft art of the mysterious parrot . It’s a digital nft art and I made this art from my own imagination. It’s a beautiful art and which is unique than others . because I draw the art with a unique concept and coloured with more details and I made it more unique, drawing different look . I have got the concept of the from the different animated movie scene. And I'm really happy to make this.

I minted this art in the largest nft market place Open Sea, recently.

Categoriesnft art
DeviceSamsung note 10+
SoftwareInfinite painter

Thanks all for visiting my post.


Wow. This mysterious parrot art is looking wonderful.

I love your beautiful nature art. Thanks for sharing.

I love your mysterious parrot design, it is very beautiful.

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