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Greetings everyone. How are you all doing? Hopefully everyone is doing great by the grace of almighty ALLAH. I am doing fine alhamdulillah.

In the last part I discussed about the basics of the game called Plants vs Undead which is a similar game to plants vs zombies but with crypto involved. You will have a better idea of how this game could have updated their gameplay to get more attention from the players if you read my last post. The main drawback of this game for me is its gameplay mechanism. The game isn't much fun to play as the way it is right now. It could have been so much more better if they kept the gameplay much like the original pvz games.

The in-game currency is called PVU, the same as the game. Some people are still thinking about this token and about its future. Will this coin even rise again?

Well, due to the current bearish situation most of the coin prices are quite low. But the bull run might begin sooner than we realize. But I don't know if this coin can recover what so ever. The current price of this coin is pretty low. The current price of this coin is 0.010 usd per token. But this coin reached the maximum of 23.73 usd in late sept 2021. It's downfall started since then. The price dropped rapidly after that time. the price of this coin spikes from time to time but there are not much changes at all. The price moves from 0.012 to 0.017 max but it doesn't go up any further.

Plant Vs Undead Price _ PVU Price, USD converter, Charts _ Crypto.com - Google Chrome 3_17_2023 4_24_23 AM.png

Source: Crypto.com

So is there a future for this game and for this coin? I certainly think not. Because the game is kind of dying and there are nothing new or interesting in this game anymore. At first it worked and people thought it to be a cool game but the hype died with time and so did the prices of this coin. There is no future for this coin and investing in it will be a bad idea according to me. But if the devs can make this game more interesting then something could happen to it in the future. If the gameplay gets better and the popularity of the game rises then surely the prices of this coin will sky rocket again. But we never know for sure if that will happen or not. So considering the current market, this coin is a no go for me. And I think investing in it will cost you. But considering the game's potential, if the gameplay changes and more players start to play this game in the future then this will be one of the best coin to invest right now. But generally speaking, I think we should not think too positively about this one and accept the reality. This game and the coin had its run and then it dropped down and I mean dropped down for good.

Plant Vs Undead Price _ PVU Price, USD converter, Charts _ Crypto.com - Google Chrome 3_17_2023 4_24_32 AM.png

Source: Crypto.com

That's all for today. Thanks for visiting by. Hopefully we shall meet again soon in another post. Till then take care and stay safe and secured.


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