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Greetings everyone. How are you all doing? Hopefully everyone is doing great and having a good time in the community.

It's another new week and it's time to stake some trx. I've been taking part in this initiative for a long time but due to some difficulties, I wasn't been able to take part yesterday. So, I'm doing my trx staking today rather than just skipping a week.

Today I'll be staking 20 additional trx and will be voting for the Srs with the newly gained tron powers. The transaction of my today's trx staking and voting is provided below...


First let's log in to tronlink pro application and click on stake option.


Now let's select the amount I would like to stake today.


Confirming the staking process via tapping on confirm option.


Now I have 20 additional tron power which I can use to vote for the Srs. Today I'll be voting for or will be updating my vote weight for Crypto Innovation Fund.

That's all for today. Hopefully we shall meet again soon in another post. Till then take care and stay safe and secured.


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With regards


This is so great to see your trx stacking.
Keep your stacking all the time. Thanks a lot for sharing your trx stacking post.

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