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Hello my dear friends and fellow tron lovers. How are you all doing? Let's hope everyone is doing alright by the grace of almighty ALLAH. I am also well alhamdulillah.

Little Nightmares  11_15_2022 8_42_13 PM.png

Source: In game Screenshot

I was surfing the internet the other day and I've found an interesting game worth playing. The game is called Little nightmares. This is a puzzle platform horror adventure game which is available on PC. And you will be pleased to know that this game is currently free on steam. So if you feel interested, you can install it for free and give it a try.

I downloaded this game 2 or 3 days ago and so far I'm not disappointed at all playing this game. It's really a very fun game with so many jumpscare and horror scenes. Yes, this game maybe a puzzle adventure game but the environment of the game looks very creepy and full of horror stuffs.

Right now we can see streamers are live streaming these type of games most of the time. I saw the game called Inside a few days back and just saw this one only a couple of days back. The viewers seems very interested towards these type of games. Which is why streamers are playing these type of games more and more to attract more viewers and it worked it seems. Because viewers count of these type of videos are a lot more than other gameplay videos available in both facebook and Youtube.

Little Nightmares  11_15_2022 3_06_11 PM.png

Source: In game Screenshot

In Little Nightmares you get to play as a little girl in this 3d puzzle adventure world. You can move around, grab and climb objects and do lots of other stuffs. To be honest I haven't yet figured out the story or the plot of the game. I've been playing this game for so little time and haven't explore the whole game yet. But I will soon try to complete the story to understand the basic plot of the game and give you a better explanation later. Till then lets talk about what we have witnessed so far.

Little Nightmares  11_15_2022 5_28_53 PM.png

Source: In game Screenshot

In the beginning of the game you get to play as a little girl wearing a yellow raincoat. And the overall environment looks a lot bigger than the girl and there are some monsters who try to kill you if they becomes aware of your existence. These monsters are very big in size comparing to the protagonist. I think that's the reason this game is called little nightmares. You get across various types of rooms in every once in a while and have to figure a way out of that room by solving the trouble. I've encountered several types of rooms so far and some of them requires you to stop the electricity of the room in order to get past of the electric door. Once you find and manage to turn off the switch, you get to get out of that area or that room. Another type of puzzle is where you have to move various objects in order to reach some places where you cannot reach normally. You can also move this objects to make entry points and to unlock passage ways underneath the moveable object. There are also some moments where terrible looking monsters chases you and you have to escape from them. This monsters make their entry randomly and gets you off guard most of the time. So you have to stay on guard all the time. I liked this part of the game very much. Because the tensions stay always high while playing this game. The player gets hungry after sometimes and you have to find food in order to keep on the journey. You also get a small lighter in order to find some light and make your way out of dark areas.

Little Nightmares  11_15_2022 3_03_57 PM.png

Source: In game Screenshot

That's all the details I have gotten so far from this game. I will try to continue this game and will try to finish the story. Till then stay tuned.

The system requirements of the game is given below....

System Requirements
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
OS: Windows 7, 64-bit.
Processor: Intel CPU Core i3.
Memory: 4 GB RAM.
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460.
DirectX: Version 11.
Network: Broadband Internet connection.
Storage: 10 GB available space. [ Source : Google ]

Gameplay trailer

That's all for today. Hopefully we shall meet again soon in another post. Till then take care and stay blessed.


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With regards


Another interesting game. Thanks for sharing with us

The game looks very interesting to say from the trailer.
Very well written, the images are clear, and the requirements to be able to play it are nothing special, practically any current computer has them.

Do you think it could be a game that you could play daily?

 2 months ago 

I play this game in my free time mostly. It's a very short story based game tbh. You can complete the full story in approximately 2 hours. I shall return with more details once I finish the story. And since I'm not following any youtube walkthrough videos, which is why it's taking me a bit more time to crack the puzzles of the game.

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