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Power up is very much essential for a long-term journey in steemit. Everyone of us should make this power up a regular habit. If we can keep this up every week, then we can acquire a lot of Sp after some time. That's why I think this weekly power up is so much important to us. If everyone keeps on collecting their power and stop doing power down, then steem value will go on much higher. So, it's our job to keep this initiative active for a long time.

This is my second week of powering up is this new season. In this season, I have a target to reach. My current target is 12000 Sp. Hopefully I will be able to reach this target in time just like the last season.

Today I'll be powering up 10 steem. The transaction of my today's power up is provided below...


Before the power up, I've had a total of 10,615.645 Steem Power.


Here I am powering up 10 additional steem.


After the power up, now I have a total of 10,625.646 Steem Power and trail by 1,374.354 Steem to reach the target.

Week No.Powered upPost Link
0110 SteemLink

That's all for today. Hopefully we shall meet again soon in another post. Till then take care and stay safe and secured.


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With regards


This is so great post done by you. I am glad to see your power up. Keep sharing.

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