Steem market movements in recent days.


Hello all dear friends.
I hope everyone is always in good health and always successful for all friends wherever you are.

On this very beautiful occasion I am back in this beloved community for I want to discuss a little about the Stemm Graph in the past few days, before I discuss the steem graph then I will explain a little about the notion of #steem.

What is called Steem is a social network that focuses on a community to create a Blockchain, it is designed for users of the platform where they can publish their content.

And their payment is according to the work made by each user, so those who have high quality will get good results and vice versa.

So here I will show you about the steem chart for the past few days.

Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 21-20-11 Upbit Indonesia.png

On the last two days we could see the movement of steem skyrocketing very quickly and we could see so many steem users competing to sell their assets for big profits.

Because we know in a sudden movement like this it will be a good moment for the coin user, because the habit when the price suddenly skyrockets he will definitely come back basically, because these are all experiences that I often get.

I myself sold some of my steem coins two days ago, and the proof is now that steem is back basically and I also get an adequate profit, because that's all according to the capital we have.
That's my little story on the steem coin in recent days.


Steem market movements have given a lot of beautiful information. In fact, understanding the state of the market now is a big responsibility. What will be the condition of the market next?

Yeah, that's very true, but we also have to be able to understand market movements.
According to me, steem will skyrocket again, but not like yesterday, this is just a prediction, you don't believe it either.

Today this post our helpful. Steem market movements have given a lot of beautiful information. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome, friend,

Hana icok lee
KA Jai awak dro ih sang

Hahahahhaha,,sang hie ka meunan..
Man ta coba syit ju ile,,,,

Iya KA lon tes Lom Nyoe
Awak Droe ih si Uroe saboh icok haha

Ilon baro rencana keuneuk tamong keunoe.. Meunyo hana icoh2, hek sit. Haha

Haha hayak Aju ckckckck

Lon baro keuneuk balap sit keunoe sigo-go, sang bak hi suah ku kalon awak droen ile..

You have shown market graph and analysis beautifully. Thanks

Well I believe you doing good for yourself if as a trader you take advantage of price moments and lock it up not just for steems but for all crypto assets, they are speculative ofcourse and goes up and down

Thank you so much for analyzing the steem market price movement. You have done well.

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