Result of Foundation Course on Tron (1st Batch, August/2022)

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Tron Blockchain is a light, fast, secured, scalable, user friendly blockchain network. Many are being adopted with this ecosystem day by day. Tron Fan Club Community is focusing in TRON and Blockchain related issues. We are conducting a Basic course on Tron every month including three lectures. Today, this is the result of one of those batches.

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Link of Question Paper

You can check the question paper of written exam here from the link below-

About the Result

This is a wonderful month for me to conduct classes with the students of the Tron foundation course of the first batch. We had three sessions and a viva session this month. It was much comfortable for me to talk to them in my native language and to understand them about the basic issues of the Tron blockchain. From their feedback, I can easily understand that they are satisfied with the learnings from this course and I hope they will be able to implement the acquired basic knowledge on Tron basic.

We tried to evaluate our learners from several angles like attendance in the classes, written exam and Viva. There are three classes and attendance was 10 for each of the classes. In total 30 marks have been allotted because attendance is very important. When someone presents in the class they will find the discussed topics interesting and useful for them, otherwise it will be difficult for them to learn from their own understanding and reading. We focused again on 30 for the written exam and most interestingly the written question paper was different for every participant. Total 15 several question papers for 15 different students. Although we had to work a lot on this, it's still good enough because copying from others is totally eliminated here. Finally 40 marks were allocated for the vice vose and four questions were asked to each of the participants to evaluate them on an honest 10 for each question. So, the total marks is 100. Here below, you can see the result sheet of the participants in this first batch (August 2022) of the Tron foundation course.

Marks Sheet

SlRoll NumberSteemit IDClass Attendance (30)Written Marks (30)Viva (40)Total (100)Remarks
9B0109@kaziamanat0110+10+05+1+45+7+(-)+(-)42Net Problem during Viva
11B0111@sajjadsohan10+10+0(-)+(-)+(-)(-)+(-)+(-)+(-)20Personal Problem


Congratulations to following Learners for successfully completing the course in this Batch

@rayhan111 (with 1 mark grace)


This is an effort to educate people on Tron Blockchain. I hope interested learners are being benefited from this Tron Basic Course. Thanks for stopping by.

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thanks to tron fan clab . I am very happy to have passed the exam.

 5 months ago 

Congrats everyone...

 5 months ago 

Congratulations Everyone for passing this task. 🥰
Have a nice journey with us. ❤️

Congratulations to all for graduating

congratulate everyone 😍😍
Me also pass the exam 🥰

Congratulations everyone who achieve success

 5 months ago 

Congrats to the learners who have passed the course. And best of luck to those who are still trying their best to learn.

Wow, interesting, I hope to get the participation next time, congratulations to the winners.

This is wonderful, thank you for sharing this detailed information with us today and congratulations to all the above authors. Success to us.

A big congratulations to the graduates . I look forward to participate in the next scheduled class.

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