Detailed discussion of X2Y2 NFT marketplace.

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Hope everybody is well. I am also much better by the grace of God. Today, after many days, I am back among you again. Because in the past I had family problems. Anyway, I feel blessed to be back among you again. I am thankful to my Creator Allah for this.


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The popularity of NFT marketplace is increasing day by day. In the world of Web 3.0, NFT is spreading all over the world. As the days go by, people are getting surprised in terms of popularity. The first NFT marketplace was launched by Etherium Blockchain. It is called Opensea 7. As the days went by, the popularity of Opensea NFT Marketplace grew. There was so much NFT buying and selling that everyone was surprised. Anyone who wants to know more about Opensea NFT Marketplace can read my post. Because I have discussed Opensea Marketplace many times before.

However, with Opensea NFT Marketplace so popular, many NFT marketplaces in the Internet world can now be seen. However, almost all NFT marketplaces are gaining popularity. Many of us share NFT in the NFT Marketplace. How do I better understand which of these NFT marketplaces? There is an easy way to understand. You have to see which marketplace people are discussing or trading in which marketplace. How is its blockchain system, how is its security, etc. What should the interface look like?

Today I will discuss a new NFT marketplace. The name of this NFT marketplace is x2y2. x2y2 NFT Marketplace T has been occupying the top spot of popularity for a long time. x2y2 is now at the top in terms of popularity. x2y2 now surpasses Opensea NFT Marketplace. Now let us try to know some details about x2y2 NFT Marketplace InshaAllah.

x2y2 is an NFT marketplace. It is very easy to buy and sell here. x2y2 The goal is to build a truly decentralze NFT marketplace in the NFT marketplace. Really, the popularity is increasing day by day. Everyone here will share NFT freely without any fear. However, it is still in its infancy.

What is X2Y2?

X2Y2 is an NFT marketplace. x2y2 The goal is to build a truly decentralze NFT marketplace in the NFT marketplace. But now this marketplace is in the child stage. Lately, however, the NFT has surpassed the Opensea marketplace at the top of the marketplace. It is hoped that its popularity will increase further in the future. Opensea has gained 90% popularity in the NFT marketplace. However, many people disagree with Opensea Marketplace. Because a few days ago many NFTs were stolen. As a result, many have lost faith in this marketplace. That's why other NFT marketplaces have gained popularity as the days go by. X2Y2 is one of them. The X2Y2 interface is much better.


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Why is X2Y2 so significant?

X2Y2 has their own token. If you want you can buy and sell with your own token. Moreover, you can buy and sell with Etherium. However, they are solving many problems ।

No private token sale —

The liquidity bootstrapping comes directly from a public Initial Liquidity Offering and is locked permanently.

Share the market fees —

100% of market fees collected are rewarded to X2Y2 stakers.

Inclusive airdrop —

An airdrop that covers all OpenSea users that had traded before (expired on March 30, 2022).

The total supply of 1,000,000,000 X2Y2 tokens will be allocated as shown in the picture below, taken directly from X2Y2.

You can easily create an account. This account is very easy to create. Account creation can be done on three topics. If you want, you can create an account with any of your digital wallets or you can create an account with your Gmail verification or any social media.


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Once the account is created, such an interface will appear. From here you can buy and sell your n a. It is very easy and safe.


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If any of you have trouble understanding, please let me know in the comments. If any of you have problems creating an account, please let us know. Inshallah I will help as much as possible. Anyway, create an account and give your NFT cell. This is a very good NFT marketplace. They will be included in the DAO very soon. Hopefully DAO will gain more popularity if included.

If you are interested to know more about X2Y2 nft Marketplace please feel free to comment. I will definitely help you. Thank you all. I ended up here like today. Stay well, stay healthy and take care of yourself. I am saying goodbye like today. I will see you again in any new post. Thank you all.


I am Md. Ebrahim Islam Nahid. Everyone calls me Nahid. I am Bangladeshi. I am an electrical engineer. I love reading books, writing and creating new things. I try to express myself and evaluate the opinions of others.


Wow, thanks for the detailed elaboration on this new nft marketplace. I think you really did justice to the topic of interest.

Thank you so much 💞🥰

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