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All of you are welcome, I am also Alhamdulillah. Friends, today I wildiv are a post with you, I hope you will like it.



Hello guys like every day I am here with a game review. In fact, the market is going higher as the days go by. So I came to you with a game review, actually I like to do game reviews, so after thinking a lot, I came to you with this game review. The name of my today's game review is Aurori. This game is a very popular game. Many people may know a lot about this game and many people don't. Hope it will be very useful for those who don't know about this song so guys let's know more about the game



What is Aurora?


This game is mainly developed and developed through cheat platform. This game follows the play to earn model. This game is a blockchain based free game. Solna is a major company in cryptocurrency. It was launched around 2022. Here the user will use the animal named Nefty. And compete with other players. This game can be traded and developed, fighting, making neftee etc.

This game is about trading nefty. Aurory players earn stocking,AURY shops through in-game. In this game users can earn very convenient and easy and very easy profitable. Because the blockchain based games are increasing day by day and the popularity is increasing and will go far in the future. This game has some story left from the past. And there is a history. Let us know what history is about. One person was named Arohi Shashi. He wanted to be away from his homeland to find his world. The game is based on one of his lives.





How does Aurory work?


By playing this game they can earn ($AURY) tokens. One can easily buy high quality and standard NFT with that token. The more quality high level NFTs are purchased here, the higher the level will be and the income will increase. Members here will travel across the country. Compete against users and players through creatures called "onephthys" to defeat their opponents. Complete all the quests they have and discover all the missing items.



Aurory gameplay.


It is a one of a kind adventure game. The main goal of this game is to find a new Nefty and travel across the country. All of them will come together to create new strategies that are their main targets and the best Nephthys players will come together to move around.A very beautiful game with a beautiful history behind it.

So friends, there are many more detailed descriptions of the game, I will try to describe it to you in stages, I hope you like it, I will discuss the rest in the next post, until then you will be fine.




My identity


I am Biplob. Everyone calls me Biplob. I am the darling son of my parents. I am a student by profession. I like stories, poems and songs very much. I always like to be like everyone else and be happy.

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This game has been reviewed quite nicely. Currently this game is more popular. You have given very informative and information about this game and we could gain knowledge. Best wishes for you.

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Even though I don't like games, and don't play games that much, I still came to see your game review today, nice to see the screenshots of the game.

The game is very fun. It is a game to enjoy.

Wow I mean I already love game as it is then the opportunity of earning too whilst playing is such an incredible option and good to always see this type of blockchain based games, thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much.

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