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Hello and good evening to everyone at the Tron fan club. I hope all of you have been following the market and seeing how it is behaving. It has not been a happy week for the cryptocurrency market. Almost, for the most part, tokens have been losing significant value. Today we will see some of the top tokens who have done the best over the span of a week.

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We can start with HBAR. Seven days ago it was rated at 0.068$, and from there it is currently trading at 0.122$. HBAR was losing value from the very first day of the week. Luckily it got back in the middle of the week and started going up. However, the most crucial movements happened on 23 April, when it jumped and got across the 0.10$ level. Currently, it is consolidating under the 0.14$ level. Ultimately, this is a 52% increase in seven days.


BONK_7D_graph_coinmarketcap (1).jpeg

Just like the previous one, BONK gained a lot of value last week. It too started small and was rated at $0.0000145 last week. It fluctuated a lot in the first few days. After that, it has gradually gained value with a solid uptrend. The trend hit a wall at $0.000022 zone. With the latest jump, it broke through this level. As of now, the token goes for $0.0000225 per piece. It's a solid 55% move.



PEPE is a bit different than the previous two. PEPE started bleeding from the first day of the week. It made its biggest moves on 19 April, falling a lot. But after that, it quickly got back. Currently it is going upwards to make another attempt at breaking the resistance of $0.000008. Overall, PEPE made a whooping 43% gain in a week.

The upcoming weeks will be more interesting and I hope you will come by to visit the "Value Gainers" analysis again next week. Till then, Goodbye!

Thank You.

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Nice content from you and it's good to see you sharing this on the value gainers of the market, not surprising to see some coins making decent gains after the halving of Bitcoin.

2 of the top 3 pumped coins are Meme Coin, Meme Coin I think can perform hugely during BullRun.
And HBAR is a huge pump today

Yes, memecoins are performing great lately. Thanks for passing by.

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