The formation of the Arab identity .. who is responsible for it ?!

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It is well known that a person must have a societal identity; By belonging to his country, religion, or country ... But the problem here is how our identity is formed ?!

Here I am talking about belonging to the Palestinian cause in particular .. Why do we think that it is a national issue, and there must be a state of Palestine and its president be so-and-so and its army, the brigades of so-and-so? Why do we dream that there is a state called Palestine with borders .. even though we advise and shout open to us? Borders, O Arab Rulers ... Some laugh at me when our rulers are expected to liberate Palestine.


We return to our main topic, which is who constitutes our identity for us ?! Why is our belonging to the border or Islamic state, or even the establishment of the Arab nation state? And even when some made the effort to establish an Islamic state in the Levant, we met with rejection, and even we did not even discuss its case (far from the creed) ..

The answer is that the engine of our ideas and beliefs is the media and the media ... and this media is responsible for tyrants ... Colloquially, those who make up our cause for us are our rulers ..

How can you be proud of the Arab nationalism promoted by the media when Sharif Hussein sought it while cooperating with the British ..

How do you sympathize with the Ottoman Empire and think that they will return it while laughing at us through the media ..

But we must ask ourselves an important question .. that Israel is fighting us on the basis of the Jewish Zionist belief ... and we are fighting it on the basis of Arab nationalism. .

Have we asked ourselves what made us proud of Arab nationalism ?! Why do not we attribute it to Islam?

In a hadith on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him .. that he uttered trees and said, “O Muslim, this is a Jew behind me, so kill him.

On the other hand ... we may be mourning Jerusalem because it is under the hands of the Jews and it is the property of the Muslims .. Then we download a picture on the means of communication of the borders of Palestine .. What is this thinking ?! ... this is what they planted in our minds .. we must know that our borders are one .. we must know that the reference is religious and not national .. because if it were nationalist nationalism, we would not have defended Jerusalem .. and we said that the Palestinian issue is for the Palestinians only .. and this is what they seek to cultivate in Our minds ... which may be accepted by some, unfortunately.

Also, if our identity becomes Islamic, we will know that all the countries of Islam are occupied ... Andalusia, Sicily, India, Turkestan, Crimea ... and many many others.

Note: Islamic identity does not mean hatred of a non-Muslim, but rather his participation in the land .. This does not contradict the concept of secular patriotism .. but on a religious basis.

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