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🔵 This currency, its project is based on accumulating liquidity, which is something that most decentralized platforms depend on, so that users lend their money
And they deposit them in the form of pools of various currencies in order to ensure the liquidity of the platform, and after that the liquidity providers are rewarded with interest and return.


Through transaction fees ... and this currency is an applied example of one of the uses of the so-called DeFi or decentralized financing, and this is similar to what banks do in what is called central financing, as people deposit their money in the bank, which in terms of its legitimate description is a loan to the bank, then The bank gives them interest through the interest it earned after lending their money to other people ...... That is why the currencies or platforms that are based on these complexes and on the cultivation of yields or the cultivation of returns or farmings, all in our opinion are suspicious and safety cannot be modified by anything. Who is convinced, or else let him search more
And whoever has a comment, let him correspond with us, and Allah bless us.content://

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