In your opinion... Has modern technology influenced the art of writing and blogging?

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We all deal with modern technology , whether we like it or not, to facilitate the tasks of our daily lives, and being writers and bloggers, we in turn use every modern method that will create a better atmosphere and a fertile environment for the practice of this art. But in my opinion, the impact of technological progress - although good in some cases and spectacular in some areas - remains strong and cannot be overlooked and its side effects are impressive and effective.

Didn't we see that a large proportion of new generations were able to read and replace them with faster alternatives?

Don't we note that some writers are becoming more technology-dependent to do their job significantly?

Didn't the phenomenon of literary theft, plagiarism or Plagiarism increase in writing, you might have noticed an article on a platform that I thought of a writer, but you later discovered that it was for another writer?

Also, didn't technology affect the quality of the writer's line while relying on online writing?


On the other hand, who hasn't seen Hollywood movies? In it we see a clear example in writing the scenarios of movies and series when asked some famous screenwriters in America about it, they said that this technological development makes it difficult for the screenwriter to write some scenes that were previously credible and take time in storytelling by searching the characters for a particular topic and this no longer makes sense enough as the viewer has become the forces of observation as he expects the character to look on Google instead of going on a dramatic journey risky and needless and considers it a waste of time.

And you... What do you think of the impact of modern technology on your writings? Do you agree with me that the disadvantages of technology are more than their advantages in writing and content making, or am I wrong?

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