Who am I?

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N:Who are you?

G: Don't rush the conversation is still at the beginning. Where did you come from? What do I want to know all these questions that you want to ask but those answers you should know you just to know that I know about you a lot of things that you hide from everyone and things that no one wants to know because you will find me everywhere you go although you are little moving you like to sit in your room alone despite the presence of the parents wish if they call you or send you a friend but nothing happens you do not know why no one talks to me about this I'm different from them. I've tried to get close to them, but I don't know why they're getting away. What happens if I die, I'll ask someone to comfort my parents.

N: I don't know who you are, but I'm not alone.


G: Friends do not make me laugh friends can not find words to start talking friends talk to you in order to help them do not ask what to do do they asked how are you so why every day crying from loneliness feel that deadly feeling that no one is next to you stick to your room does not invite you friends to spend time together but they spend time together and see their pictures accompany each other and what increases you this only I know what you feel in your little room every night my friend.

N: How do you know all this and what if I'm alone doesn't mean that's something I want to be alone?

G: I know the truth of yourself, do not try to appear strong in front of me to know that you have a noble heart that does not show weakness in front of anyone, but you see in all the friends around you what you do not have how to understand some of them how to support each other and try to imagine yourself like them, but even in your dreams you remain alone closes the door of your room to cry and scream until your scream is inside you, you have gradually lost the feeling your heart is no longer as it was You are so weak that you cannot admit to those you love, fear that you will not feel how much you wished that this suffering would end and your life would end, you would not see what it was worth holding on to, but you are afraid to go and you are not ready yet, and what your death will cause is pain and limit it to those you love as your family who want to know who I am. Well, I will tell you.

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