Understanding Ego - Detaching, Finding Inner Peace.

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I - Want - Peace.
I is ego,
Want is desire;
Remove ego and desire and you have peace.


We have all know the word Ego, but how many of us really know what our ego actually is!? Understanding who we Really are, and what influences act upon us is an important step in our Spiritual learning. When we speak of our Ego, who or what are we talking about? Just what the ego is depends on your perspective, and to really understand it we need to look from a spiritual perspective. The Ego is born as we learn to identify with ourselves as separate from other people and life. Our ego develops at the time that we learn to understand our own name or recognise ourselves in the mirror. We are unable to remember much if anything before we developed our ego, and that is a part of the great plan. We cannot remember our total unity and connectedness because our ego made it that way so that we can live and experience this world.

"The ego is a very bad quality. Ego sees everything as separate; it sees everything as dual. You must remove this ego and see only the Unity. Think only of Unity; think only of the basis of everything."

Ego is very powerful. It makes a person forgets oneself, causes humiliation to fellow-beings, and instils a superiority complex. These qualities are the greatness of Ego! A person intoxicated with ego will always remain in a state of complacence. An ego saturated person can never discriminate between good and bad. He becomes worse than an animal or even become demonic.

"You are not one person, but three: The one you think you are; The one others think you are; The one you really are."

Our Ego is our illusionary identity. Our ego believes we are separate and will die when our body dies. It is mortal and it will do whatever it can to stay alive. The ego is very busy at all times 'helping' us to be mindful of the things it thinks we need to know, and is equally busy hiding, ignoring and denying things that it things may be a threat to it's existence. The Ego is in a way the great deceiver that tests us in each and every moment to question it, and ourselves. In order to be able to see the Ego for what it is, we have to somehow rise above it. Most of the people of the world are simply playing out the Ego Mind like a predictable story book. They see, they react, and the cycle of Ego Mind continues in all their actions, reactions and interactions. Learning to recognise this Ego Mind is the start of real progress on the Path to Enlightenment. If we are not in control of our choices, and we are manipulated and controlled by an invisible hand, then it is very important to be able to recognise it so that you can then question it.

You are God. You are not the ego. You are God!

“Ego needs honours in order to be validated. Confidence, on the other hand, is able to wait and focus on the task at hand regardless of external recognition… [With ego], we need to be recognized. We need to be compensated. Especially problematic is the fact that, often, we get that. We are praised, we are paid, and we start to assume that the two things always go together. The ‘expectation hangover’ inevitably ensues.”

In order to see our ego for what it is, we need to take a step back so that we are removed from our normal state of mind.. It is a very good practice to detach from our ego, and it brings peace, happiness, and helps us see things realistically and make better choices.

"Service is the highest spiritual discipline. Prayer and meditation, or knowledge of scripture and Vedanta (holy scriptures of India), cannot help you reach the goal as quickly as service can. Service has a double effect, it extinguishes the ego and gives bliss."

In human beings, there are certain reasons that source the emanation of either the bad or the good determinations. No action can be performed without a reason. Reason and result (or cause and effect) are, thus, inseparable. One cannot exist without the other. Therefore, there cannot be any result (or effect) without reason (or cause) in the world. But there is one result which has a free entry, and needs no reason whatsoever! That is Ego.

Ego is very spicy. It makes a person forgets oneself, causes humiliation to fellow-beings, and instils a superiority complex. These qualities are the greatness in Ego! The person intoxicated with ego would always remain in a state of complacence. An ego saturated person can never discriminate between good and bad. He becomes worse than an animal or even become demonic.


I would like to share with you two very powerful things that you can do, and I encourage you to try one that appeals most to you. If done every day, this can start you on a path that will ultimately lead to the subduing of Ego so that you can hear, feel and discover the real you that lives inside. Once you discover the real you for the first time, you will never be quite the same again!

The idea here is not to remove the ego, or try to fight it, but instead to identify its voice and learn to separate it from your own voice. You will get better at this after you have tried one of the following Initiations regularly for a period of time. Once you learn to identify your own authentic voice, you will be one step closer to finding out who you really are! Bhajans and Chanting work very well because they occupy the mind and at the same time nourishes the heart and soul. This pacifies the Ego like a candy bar, and gives you space to experience yourself without ego in total control.

Mantra / Chanting

The Vedic scriptures state that there is only one way to find salvation in these dark times, and that is by chanting or devotional singing. Chanting is something that I have done for many years for around 45 minutes each morning. There are many different things you can chant, and to some extent it doesn't matter what it is. Having said that, there are some chants that are sacred and do have a special quality to them. You can tell because of how if affects you after you sing them. When I chant certain Mantras I can feel an incredible difference throughout the whole day. I feel more joyful, peaceful, light, and full of love, my heart is wide open after I chant. It doesn't feel like it whilst you are chanting, but once you stop you realise how your consciousness has changed. SO, if you have never chanted before, PLEASE do try this out. I am inserting a YouTube movie here of one that I like, but you could also find your own, there are 1000's to choose from.


oṃ bhūrbhuvaḥ svaḥ
tatsavitur vareṇyaṃ
bhargodevasya dhīmahi
dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt

Tibetans spend a LOT of time chanting, and whilst it may not sound very melodic, try listening to it for some time and see how you feel! It takes around 40 minutes for most people to alter their being'ness at first, and this gets quicker with experience. Someone who does this every day for long enough will be able to slip into a bliss like state very quickly indeed!

Devotional Singing

For me nothing beats a good Bhajan. Its like hitting the divine reset button and gives me such a lift in my mood and my feeling of wellbeing that I sing almost every day, even if its just for 5 minutes. I like to use the guitar as I can play it without thinking, and it helps to keep me in tune! You can sing without any instrument or the instrument of your choosing. You just need to sing something that helps you to open your heart whilst you are singing, so choose a song that you know and love, or may have written that has special meaning to you. Try singing it with all your heart and see how you feel! Bhajans are Indian devotional songs, and to be quite honest they take me to heaven on a good session! This feeling is not one that is easy to describe, but it is one of the purest forms of love and expressions of love that I have experienced. I would like to share a Bhajan sung by Edo and Jo, who have blended a beautiful Sanskrit mantra with the English translation. This is such a beautiful song and Edo & Jo embody the spirit and depth that you can find with Bhajans. I can cry and just did listening to it.

Edo and Jo: Thank You (Loka Samastha)

Now for a more traditional Bhajan. Don't worry about the words, just try to feel what Krishna Das is feeling

If the world seems to hard to handle, or you struggle to cope then PLEASE try this, TRUST ME it WORKS! This is your ticket out of darkness and into light. Even if you are feeling heavy, tired, sad, angry or bored.. just try singing or chanting and watch the magic happen. I really hope i can inspire even just one of you to try this, and if i do then Please do share your experience with me below.



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