still life (still life)

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is this still life?

what is this question, precisely?

& what is a question, in general?

& what kind a question is it that would deign to propose such a question?

& what are the consequences of the hubris of narcisissum in something so non-living as a question?

it's not as if a question is lifeless, is it?

i mean, is it not true that the concept of attention is essential to our theory of what is a living thing, whether we are cognizant of this assumption or not?

& not many things catch our attention like a question emitted in our direction, right?

so I ask you once again, what is a question?

but I am suddenly stung with an onslaught of what must be regret, and I was wondering if we can both agree to go back to the start and forget this ever happened or at least act like it never did?

is that even possible and did you just ask why?

if I told you that I never wanted to go all deep and weird and experimental and whatevera-etcetera, and really I just wanted to ask if this is still life, would you believe me?

what I really wanted to say was that this question might come in handy if I'm ever dead and don't know it, and while this might strike you as an instance of ignorance yielding bliss, in reality I am a rigorous spirit and would rather know the truth than sleep with a sexy lie, wouldn't you?

and would you judge me if I said it was a tough call?

can we agree that life is still life even when the world is spiraling out of control?

here for you to see is a still life in a still life - do you like it?


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