STEEM stands forever

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STEEM stands forever

The enemies send one curse after another
Steem remains unwavering
They send the deluge
Steem stands like a monument
Neither lightning nor water masses
can damage Steem
In the great ocean of possibilities
Steem has found its place
under the rainbow of the blessed

A͜͡n͜͡d͜͡ ͜͡h͜͡e͜͡r͜͡e͜͡ ͜͡i͜͡s͜͡ ͜͡m͜͡y͜͡ ͜͡l͜͡i͜͡t͜͡t͜͡l͜͡e͜͡ ͜͡p͜͡i͜͡e͜͡c͜͡e͜͡ ͜͡o͜͡f͜͡ ͜͡v͜͡i͜͡d͜͡e͜͡o͜͡ ͜͡a͜͡r͜͡t͜͡😊.

Set Full screen and Full HD.
It's a scene of eternity.

If you haven't seen one of the most beautiful virtual places: Here is my Steem church, located in a mysterious place.

© by myself

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This was an awesome prayer. And it shall come to pass as it already has.

Wow, 10 Cent in 12h. Du bist ein Schwerverdiener :-). Mach Foot Porn oder irgendwas, was keine Mühe macht, dann kommt mehr. Schönen Sonntag!