Midpoint - Seascape Painting

in ART 🌻🎨📝7 months ago (edited)

I am so delighted to publish my first artwork and its a Seascape Painting called Midpoint


It took 24hrs to get this painting done with Oil colors on cardboard.

The Concept behind this painting is that while some of us are asleep at night, there are some people out there who work at night for a living, feeding those on the brighter side of life.

The light ray represents the comfortable lifestyle where everything is so colorful and well detailed while the dark sea represents a life of struggle where everything doesn't come so easy.

As much as the men on the dark side toil with so much effort, they do it for those on the bright side with little reward.
the midpoint indicates that there will always be a meeting point no matter how far apart we are in our different worlds!

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards


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