An Hardy Sketch

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Hey fellas,
For reasons unknown to me, I'm still very much struck by the "Hardy" fever. Today, I made another portrait of him, precisely my 4th Hardy sketch. Believe me I tried but I just couldn't resist it. Today's sketch brings me great joy and comfort for I've been trying for a very long time to achieve certain textures in my works as well as go all through without erasing a thing. Times without number I failed but today, I was able to achieve that. This work means a lot to me and I'll love to get a feedback from you. Do ensure you leave a comment below, Thanks in advance. Here is Hardy;


The Outline




images - 2020-08-04T051814.513.jpeg

For this sketch, I used almost entirely a 6B pencil. It was not until the entire sketch was done that I brushed it up with an 8B to make more vivid the dark angles.

Thanks once again for stopping by, I'll be expecting you tomorrow.


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I love it!!! Congrats!!

 3 months ago 

Thanks a bunch.

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