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Night love

Tell you that I adore you
with all my heart
I sing and cry
of my last illusion.
Many days ago
not sleeping so much
my hope lost
with pain and crying.
My temples on the pillow
with night love
gets lost in nothing
my daytime charm.
To my beloved wife
love has made come back and
with a rose
a kiss and a carnation.
In the cold night
in the frozen room
Many days ago
that I am not with my beloved.
I understand that your kisses
they have no comparison
I am fascinated by them
with tenderness and passion.
The night is his love
warm your arms
from the garden is the flower and
I accelerate my steps.
I will never see myself
in a fiery delirium
my love, I will dedicate you
At night, always.
My eternal goodbye
sinks in passion
your love and my voice
in the anchor of my heart.

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Hola, buena noche. Esta muy hermosa su poesía esta llena de mucha emoción y amor. mucho éxito y salud para seguir leyendo su poesía.

 2 months ago 

Gracias @avibauza por tu comentario. Seguiremos compartiendo momentos de inspiración y poesía. Que tengas un día de gran bendición.

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