Soap is DeFi

in Punic Wax6 months ago

We want other people to do the same things as us, so I want to update everyone a little as to what we are doing, and I then want in the future to see others in Spanish, Korean, Arabic, etc, doing the same thing.

We are starting a Crypto Soap Market, what you see here is Lard, Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil and Olive Oil. Enough to make about a Pallet of Soap.


We also have lots of Lye and more coming, plus we are able to select ingredients very well on top of that, given my past experience. I even have a Federal Court case where the Police pulled me over with Thousands of Herbs, Spices, Powders and Seeds. They were confused, I explained my Religion, and there is even a video of them in the Police cruiser saying "Maybe he is right, what do we know", after the Narcotics Sargeant on the Radio just got done telling them to take it all to the Lab (who returned it 6 months later). Then about 2 weeks later they pulled me over with 1 lb of Edible Lime and Bettle Nut, and they thought it was Cocaine until they read my file. Then they took a sample and released me. That was 6 years ago.

But I say all that to say, we will be making Hygeia with Ancient Recipes. Everyone should know that Canola Oil has a lot of benefit for how readily available it is, and that we are starting here and have several other Oils coming and that we will be using. We will even be starting by creating a mixture of Plant Oils, and creating a Skin and Hair Oil, that we will then also use in the Soaps, Creams, etc.

And we will be trading these for STEEM, BLURT, HIVE, PUTI, PUCO, etc. As well as teaching people how it works so that we can then see others doing the same thing. I want others to see that Crypto is not just about buying and Holding, then selling at a Higher price, it is also a means of transaction, you can earn it and Buy things like Rewards Points, they can be used like Coupons, or Concert Tickets, etc. But we want to see them earned and traded for Soap.

We want Soap to be part of DeFi.