LockArt's sketch of Marvel's "Iron Man"

It’s been days since I made a post about my sketch artwork and today I feel so inspired that I wanted to show you my latest work.

Before I present my sketch to you, let’s have a quick discussion about my subject for today. I’m a big fan of Marvel’s Iron Man and so I had to make my impression of him in a pencil sketch. I believe I’m not alone if I say that Iron Man is the best character among the Marvel league of heroes and I have my own reasons why.

Firstly, he’s just an ordinary human being who happens to be a genius with a lot of money. What’s cool about Iron Man is his ability to utilize his resources and turn in into something very powerful. And at the End Game, he saved the universe by giving his own life in return. No one in Marve can top that.

Without further ado, let me present to you, Iron Man!

Lochart - Iron Man - White.jpg

I made two variations on the theme, the first one is a simple pencil sketch and in this second is added a red tint while turning the background into pitch black.

Lochart - Iron Man - Red.jpg

Here’s the breakdown of my sketch process:






I hope you enjoyed viewing my post for today. Thanks a lot for supporting my work.

Have a great day!


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