Lochart's sketch of Night Fury "Toothless" Dragon

When I was younger, I’m fond of watching cartoons which are really satisfying at that time. As I get older, my interest still remains but with a different genre which is anime & or animated movies. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, my all-time favorite animated or CG movies are the Avengers. I actually made a post yesterday in which I showcase my sketch of Iron Man.

The next in line is the movie How to Train a Dragon and one of the most remarkable characters or a dragon that I can recall is “Toothless the Night Fury”.I’m just really amazed by a Night Fury’s attribute and his character is a lot of fun as well.

With that in mind, I made a sketch of Toothless with a distinct “cartoony” style on it.

Night Fury  white.jpg

In this sketch, Toothless has received the artificial half of his tail and he’s obviously thrilled by it.

To provide a variation for the theme, I edited a unique version of it in blue hue on a pitch-black background.

Night Fury  Black.jpg

Below, are snapshots of my drawing process:





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