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Probably visiting my profile many of you think that I am crazy about flowers.
And you know, that's how it is.
Flowers for me are a pleasure, each flower is special, unique, tender.
They surround me everywhere, at home, on the way to work, at work are always waiting for special interesting flower arrangements.


I divide flowers into three groups:
2.Flowers that grow in my garden
3.Imported flowers.


Wildflowers, I just adore them, no expensive bouquet can ever be compared to a bouquet of wildflowers. They have something charming, native, unique.


Flowers from my garden, they are special in their own way, but more delicate, they already need more care. They often suffer from pests that attack them from different directions.
Here you will buy a new kind of tulips, in the spring you wait for this beauty, I then it appears that mice ate them (((


Imported flowers, so beautiful, majestic, different colors, all in one, as a selections. Sometimes I look at a flower like that, and I can't believe that it is alive, it is so perfect.


But you know, they do not have a soul, well, honestly. Yes, bouquets, compositions, everything looks very nice, but I will get much more pleasure from a bouquet of wildflowers, collected by hand, than from a pompous, beautiful bouquet.


In short, I love flowers, all all that are in the world, love so much that ready to carry them in my pocket always )))
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With love @lada94

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