In search for a doghouse we found Pet Habitat

Earlier today, I mentioned that we've been searching for a doghouse through the internet but we weren't lucky enough to find something that suits our expectations & our budget. They cost too much for a metal cage with a polycarbonate roof over it.

Also, they look too bulky and it's very difficult to transport even though it's just 3'x3'x3' (LWH). What I like about them is that they are elevated from the ground using stilts and braces. Those are the extra features that we don't really need and so we went to the city center to check on other available options we can find.

We visited a hardware/home supply and 2 other pet shops. All of them are in the same shopping mall. Among the 3 options, we found the best option at Pet Habitat, a local pet store.

They gave us 3 options:

  • collapsible pre-painted metal cage (most affordable)
  • fixed pre-painted metal cage with stilts & wheels (slightly more expensive)
  • pre-formed plastic doghouse (very expensive)

We chose the most affordable because we are considering the budget that we only have at this moment. Also, we still have to buy the dog food supply and other accessories like a collar, leash, and a comb.

Here's the photo of the cage:



It's our first time to check on this shop and we realized that they offer a better price in most of the items they sell in comparison to the other shops that we went to. They also have a variety of pets and accessories for sale, here are some of the photos I took while in the shop.





Thank you for viewing my post.

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image credit to @blurtimals & team

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