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You can spot a business on wheels in the Philippines, they drive a motorcycle, sometimes they wear Turbans, and they don't look like the locals, they are Indians that is just doing business in the Philippines and they are quite a part of the lives of many business owners or vendors in the past and in the current time. They are the Indians that lends money to variety store owners and other small business owners which helps the latter with their financial problems in acquiring the capital that they needed.

They had learned how to speak the local language and dialect. So if a "Bombay" man as many folks if not all calls them would be doing business in a province that uses a Filipino dialect to communicate, chances are that the Indian on motorcycle had already learned that language.

I once had the opportunity in attending to my grandmother's own variety store in their province up north as I went there for a four months vacation and I learned that my grandmother also has an Indian financier because she is also a variety store owner so whenever she needs money the Indian businessman would lend her money and then she will just pay it in increments until my grandmother is fully-paid with interests.

You can also get some items that you needed from the Indian like household appliances and such. The Indian man will then go to your home or business establishment to take the installment of your payment as agreed upon by the both of you.



But at first you should not be asking for expensive appliances otherwise you will not get it from them but it depends. My cousin had told me that in order for you to gain the trust of the Indians on wheels you should just ask for smaller items and after those had been fully paid in installment then it can be the time for asking a much more valuable items that you wanted to order.

I do not know if that is the norm right for small businesses and the Indians on wheels now since nowadays are the era of ordering online although you cannot really pay in installment basis for all items from online shops especially the low value items but for the Indians anything can be acquired by and through them and can be paid in installment as per agreement.

As for lending money for the small business owners the same process is done. You will be given what amount that you want, small at first and then after it is paid you can ask for a bigger amount that you want to lend and the Indian on wheels can come knocking on your door everyday or everytime he passes in your area to collect the installment payment from you.

The Indians on wheels in my country had been an indispensable part of small business owner's life in particular about their financial needs without going to a bank for a loan as it is easier to talk to an Indian rather than doing business with a bank. So we have a lot to thank about these businessmen on motorcycle with an only goal of making a living through their means which is lending money via installment basis.



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