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Darna is a comic book here which was made in post war Philippines. This character is like the Superman of the East as she is invincible to bullets and has a mighty strength abilities to fight off the villains that cross her path.

She somewhat has no weak points other than to turn back again to her regular human being self when she shouts her name out loud again.

Her powers comes from a white stone that she saw falling from the sky like a shooting star and consequently swallowed it to hide it from the same villagers that saw the falling stone/star but in doing so she turned into this "Amazonian Woman" and that was the start of her being the protector of the weak and the helpless.

Darna And Ding The Movie

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Darna as a comic book Heroine is not as popular as the movies made after it and this movie above was the most famous of them all after two movies was made before this one. Two decades later spinoffs were made as a a TV show which soon had to stop because people just wants some change in what they want to watch.

Maybe in the future another movie will be made for Darna and recreate the exciting times she had brought to the hearts and minds of the viewers in the past. We will never know who will take the role of this crime-fighting Heroine but surely enough she will have to fill-in the gaps where the past actresses had not meant for the pleasure of the viewing audience in the future.


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