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This was super fun!

While in Kansas last weekend, we had a lot of fun and some interesting experiences. We had a couple of large rock piles available to us, so we climbed and explored, and enjoyed some fun outdoors. In these photos Red-Pepper, Monster Truck the Pepper, and Buddy-Pepper explore and hop on the rocks. Enjoy the photos!


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This place is really beautiful. Your childrens are so happy. Camera shoot just mind blowing. Enjoy your day.

They enjoyed very much.thank you to share this post with us.

What a lovely day to be out in nature!
Those monkeys were having a good time outside their usual zoo!! LoL

It's wonderful your family really enjoy playing with that big rock.

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Oh my good, what a lovely place! What a large rock , never seen before. You are all together enjoying. I wish I could go there with my family! I like this type of place so much.

Thanks to share your wonderful place with some beautiful moments with your lovely family, enjoyed.