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Fast little buggers!

These too were taken while I was at a recent jobsite. A lot of hummingbird feeders were hung all around, so a lot of hummingbirds were whizzing around us all day. These are the photos where I tried to isolate the hummingbirds from the feeders, so no feeders should be seen in these photos. They are not the best, but perhaps some of the best hummingbird photos I've ever taken. Enjoy the photos!


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Hello my friend! :D

As a fellow hummingbird photographer, I understand how truly amazing these all are. :D They are hard birds to get clear shots of when they're in the mood to be photographed, LOL. :D

What type of camera did you use for them? :D I'm thinking of upgrading to something other than my cell phone camera to try and get better shots of the feathered friends flying around our homestead and these are all really cool shots, they make them look very regal. :D Thanks for sharing so many great images of all of God's creations that you come along. :D They are neat to see. :D

God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

I use a Canon REbel T7i, with a variety of lenses.

I'll have to look into something gently used by the looks of the prices of the cameras I've looked at online so far. :D

When the time is right I'm sure God will send something perfect for me my way. :D Thanks, your shots really are beautiful. :D

I should have a package coming your way soon.... same address?

Really? That's so nice of you. :D Yes the address is the same. :D

God bless you and yours my friend! :D

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