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The first one of the year!!!

These are one of my favorite local snakes. We had them growing up in Wisconsin, and thankfully we've got them here too. This one was crossing the road right in front of our property. I took the moment to teach Bugger some interesting things about the species. Can you see how it puffs up its head like a cobra? Crazy huh? These snakes also play dead, which is a sight to behold. Enjoy the photos!


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My first impression when I see the photo is cobra. I never seen that kind of snake here in the philippines. Im totally shock when I see the shape of snake especially the head. Thx for sharing.

Beautiful pictures of the snake. Really enjoyed seeing them. I probably will never be able to be brave enough like you to pick up a snake, I don't ever like to pick up snakes that I know aren't dangerous!

Oh my good this snake looks very scary! Yeh, first couple of photos look like cobra.
Dear @papa-pepper, want to know one thing to you, did any snake bite you before ? Because you are involved with them very closely.

Many snakes have bitten me, perhaps over 100. Only one was venomous though