I Bought My Supply Of Vitamin C Online Again

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I've been using vitamin C for about more than a decade now particularly after I had my surgery in removing my first arteriovenous fistula and then making another one on my upper arm. It is because at that point in time I already knew that vitamin C indeed hastens or speeds-up the healing of wounds.

So I just wanted my arm to heal-up faster and it did just that to the surprise of my then renal nurse. But I am not saying anything why, so I just took vitamin c regularly after that.

At first I am only taking half a tablet everyday until I just am taking two to three tablets of 500 mg each after my meal and my purpose is that I wanted to absorb most of the iron from the foods that I eat and also to protect my body's cells from cancers and such.

Now my purpose of taking vitamin c is the same, to protect my body and also my heart which I think is what is happening because I do not have any heart issues until now and even my heart's size remains normal based on my recent chest x-ray results which is fantastic considering my time as a dialysis patient for many years now.

I do not intend to stop using vitamin C because I believe that it really protects me from certain viruses like colds and possibly the CoViD-19. My parents also uses it and they never had anymore cases of colds unlike before and I attribute it to vitamin C.

I might make my mother use the non-acidic type of vitamin C because of her hyperacidity issues or her GERD so that would be another purchase. But Sodium Ascorbate is just vitamin C with sodium bicarbonate. I could start with using it to but I guess supplementing my diet with sodium bicarbonate tablet while I use this regular vitamin C could do the trick.

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