Weekend Diary || 13th February, 2022 || My Weekend Activities

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Yello everyone, how are you doing today? I had an exciting day today and I just want to share with you.

I woke up starving this morning so I went to get breakfast with a friend, @abdulkahargunu. We might not really agree on whether rice and beans(waakye) is breakfast where you come from but it is around here.


After breakfast, I later attended a balloting meeting on behalf of my friend @zzzinnn who is aspiring for NUGS(National Union of Ghana Students) presidency on my school campus. He had somethings to handle back at home so I had to step in on his behalf. I got there early and so we had to wait for others to arrive before the meeting commenced.


I took a couple of pictures with some friends after the balloting.



I was pretty tired and went home for a nap after the meeting. I took a 2-hour nap and woke up later around 6pm to perform my evening prayers.

I later escorted my friend to go do some photocopies at a photocopy shop. The photocopy took longer than usual because the kid who was working there today didn’t quiet know how to operate the photocopy machine, so we had to wait for the shop’s owner to come do it for us.


From the photocopy shop, we passed by Paradise Supermarket, a supermarket ok the school campus to gather a few supplies to cook tonight.


This was how my Saturday went. Weekends like I always say are meant for rest, today turned out different as I jumped from one activity to the other. I had planned to write this diary yesterday but was too tired to bring myself to write it. I hope you had a good day today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for reading.

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Good weekend dear friend thanks for your attention in our community.
Please add 10 % beneficiary rewards to siz-official.


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10 % to @ siz-officialNo
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Sure. Thanks for the notice. Have a good day.

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