Better Life | The Diary Game | 4-8-2021 |by @hurairaft | 10% Reward to @siz-official

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Aslamualikum everyone
I hope you all are good . I am sharing my today routine . My exam day .


Morning 🌅:
I get up early in the morning 🌄 at 5:00 . I start my study because my paper timing is 9:00 AM .

I start my study today my paper is food packing .
I pick my notes and ready all the short questions and Mcqs .




After an hour I take break fast and and left the home for attend my paper .
I pick the rikshaw and reached the bus stop 🛑 with my friend. I am waiting for bus .
I pick the lift in car . Me and my 2 friends in car 🚗.


After 30 minutes I reached Sahiwal . After reached the me and friends waiting my other friend at sahiwal bus stop 🛑. After some time my friend reached it . Me and my friends pick the rikshaw and going examination centre Govt . graduate college at Liaqat road .



After reached the college 8 AM .I revised my paper with my friends . At 8 :30 AM list are past of roll numbers at door . All the students are entered the hall . After 5 minutes teacher chk the roll numbers slip of all the students . All the students received the mcqs sheet . Solving of mcqs time is 15 minutes . After 15 minutes teacher collect all the mcqs sheet . After solving the mcqs all the have received Subjective paper . It's timing is 2:15 hour . After done the exam I am leaving the college and waiting my friends .


After my friends reached . We all going to bus stop 🛑 in Auto and reached the bypass for waiting the bus for going to home .


At 12:00 PM the bus reached and we all entered the bus and sitting the seats . In 45 minutes I reached my home .


At 2:30 PM i going to Taj mahal i attend the marriage ceremony of my family relatives .


I am entered the tajmahal marriage hall . I am very beacause tajmahal marriage hall is very beautiful .


I am waiting for the lunch 🤣.



After 20 minutes dawat walima marriage party is here. I eat white chicken and beef . Those are very tasty and yummy 😋. After 10 minutes the lunch is over . And I leave Taj mahal and going back to home .


I hope hope you all are like my post .


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2LocationSahiwal , Chichawatni
3Deviceoppo f11
 4 months ago 

Great diary bro.
I like it.

Thanks 😊

 4 months ago 

nice dear
keep it up.
And give your papers carefully and give your papers well because success is from them.

Thanks bro ♥️.

 4 months ago 

I wish you success in your exams! Thanks for sharing your day with us

Thanks 😊

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