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Aslam o alaikum everyone. I hope all are doing good and great. Thank you so much for making time to visit my post. I am going to participate in very interesting contest "you favorite book" which has been organized by @suboohi. So let's start.

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My favorite Book

Reading is the the world best activity. It not only pass your spare time in well efficient way but also make your brain strong. A research has proved that while reading(no matter what the book is) even those neurons of your brain get activated which are not in normally. I have read many book but my most favorite is Jannat k Patty. It is written in such a beautiful way that you cannot stop yourself becoming a fan of it.

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Jannat K Patty

JKP is my most favorite book. It is a novel written by Nimra Ahmad a great urdu Writer. I was in my matric when i heared about this novel for the first time from one of my friend. She told me that this novel has changed her life. I was not a novel reader as the heavy book scared me at that time. But she insisted me and finally after board exams of ninth grade, i asked her to give me novel book.

I started reading that book and trust me i became addicted of that. I completed that(almost 600 pages) in just 5 days. It effected me a lot. I got to know many things about islam. I have read it for hundred of thousand of time and still can read it for many times. It;s a romantic and islamic novel which shows how the faith in Allah change your life. Most amazing thing is Some Qurani riddles are solved in this novel which will raise a thrill inside you to read the Quran and to solve the riddles by your own after researching.


Why JKP is my favorite book

Before reading this novel, i never knew how much important the veil is in islam. I had never this much strong believe in Allah as i got after reading this novel. JKP is a book which will melt your heart. You will come closer to Allah. You will clean your heart from all the old fashions and become closer to Allah. This will make you feel the real peace and calm after followling Allah's instructions. I love each and every word of this novel. This bring me closer to Allah and Quran e Pak.



Summary of JKP

This novel is about a girl(main character) named as Haya Suleman. She was just round about two an half year old when her parents read her nikkah with one of his cuisine(Jihan Sikander). She was so modern and bold girl. Jihan sikandar's family went to Turkey after that nikkah and settled there. They were not contacted much with their pakistani's relatives. For some reasons, they cannot come to pakistan.

It's been 20 years and they didn't come to pakistan even once. Haya was mentally attached to her husband to the great extent. Haya suleman Got scholarship for a turkish University where she saw her husband for first time. His rude behaviour toward her at first made her to think that he does not know about their nikkah.

She spent Five months there. She got and lost many things in this duration. Her life had changed totally after that tour. She got to know that her husband was a spy in ISI and because of her father's rebellious activities, they could not come to pakistan. She got there some friends who turned her toward islam. She started wearing veil and act on Allah's orders.

Her faith in Allah saved her from destruction and her dignity too. She finally got married with Jihan Sikandar and started living with him happily after that. She sacrificed many things in way of Allah but in return she got many more.


This story shows that the courage, trust in Allah, struggle and faith can bless you with what you want. But for that, you have to sacrifice your ego and follow the Allah's Order. That's all about Jannat k Patty. I invite @rashid001, @akashhassan and @mahnoor11 to participate in this amazing contest.

Many thanks to





Best of luck @hibbanoor

Best novel 🥺❤️

Have You read any else novel? then participate in this contest by writing about that.

 3 years ago 

It's really very good and exemplary novel, I heard about it many times it's writer Nimra Ahmed is very famous in female. Thanks for your participation. Best of luck for the contest

You should read it as well

i will seek for this book whether it's already translated to Bahasa Indonesia, this must be a great novel because it can move a reader's heart and changed for better.

thanks for sharing and best luck for the contest @hibbanoor

It's one of my favorite too. 😍

You should read Halim..Thora unrealistic sa hai lkn boht mzy ka hai wo b.

You are the third person who has asked me to read Halim in last 2 weeks. 🤔

P. S. I love unrealistic, realistic is too mainstream. 😛

Am I included in those 3 persons? If not then count me as 4th.

Read Haalim. You will like it.

You are included. I will read it soon.

It is actually very realistic with just unrealistic touch

Interesting novel but no one can be as much intelligent and perfect as the main character of that novel is. Just like Namal.

There are people who have such intelligence level. Also there has to be some exaggeration in novels to make it interesting.

Han Namal mei kuch ziada ho gaya tha

Wow. Great. Seems really interesting @hibbanoor

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One of my favorite books. Bahar. E. Gul was too cute.

Yes both are super cute. The riddles of Quran e Pak mention in that novel are so interesting.

wanderful i am not that uch into books but it sounds so nice and for sure if i got time will give it a read

Thank you so much @akashhassan for visiting my post.

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