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Hello everyone

Today I make one remedy for tighten and whitening ,and prevent aging.Due to daily outsiders routine I took academy in a day for 4 hours so my skin become dull and pores closed and some lines starting appearing so I worried I should make some home remedies to take care of my skin.

Let's start the remedy


Honey 1 teaspoon
Rice flour 1 teaspoon
Yogurt 1 teaspoon




method to make

Take 1 teaspoon honey 🍯🍯

Then put yogurt in it.


Add rice flour


Mix well ☺️ and and keep in refrigerator for 10 minutes.


Apply on skin for 10 minutes and very good results.wash with face was.



Rice Powder

  • Ferulic acid and allantoin having in it so it protects skin from sun.Means it is natural sun block.
  • For any kind of dark circles it is natural ingredients.
  • Nice exfoliator means it has fine particles which take out all the dead cells and make skin smooth and good.
  • It has so many amino acid and vitamins.
  • If you lack of face powder simply apply it because it can give intense coverage to skin.
  • By using this your skin will never get old and stay. hydrated and for good skin.
  • Remove out all the pimple acne and scaring.
  • Skin glow 😻 out using this.
  • Last but not least makes skin flawless and fair.
  • Absorb all the extra oil and make skin repair quickly ,damage free.


  • It moisturizer and heals out dry skin.
  • Richest source of vitamin B.
  • Good for skin hydration.
  • Even tone easy to get by this.
  • Early sign of aging can be prevented by this.
  • I wonder how skin aging can be prevented than I came to know it has calcium in it that regenerate skin.
  • How skin damaged can be repair because it has zinc so it will protect from Sun burn.
  • It has very good property of antifungal agents that's why it protects against acne ,it has also antibacterial property.
  • I mostly used this when I have redness from anything or allergy so used it.
  • Another my favourite thing it has lactic acid that's why it remove debris and clean up pores.

🍯 Honey

  • have Antimicrobials property.
  • Makes skin look young it accelerates aging.
  • It has very good property anti septic properties.
  • Very good for oily skin and acne skin.
  • used skin moisturizer
  • Lightening up scars.
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Thank you for sharing such a nice remedy i will try it

 4 months ago 

nice tutorial for working women share more tutorial for skin this is best

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very nice post. best of luck

 4 months ago 

Wow great dear friend nice post

Very nice remedy you share.

Wow very good for me..😁😁

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Good job @drasma. I will try remedy and I hope it will show me good results

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