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let's tell you about a condition called sarcopenia age-related muscle loss now the greek word for sarcopenia means poverty of
your flesh now sarcopenia is atrophy which is shrinkage and degeneration of your skeletal
muscles those are the large muscles in the body as well as the quality of function of those muscles now normally.


Where it occurs in body?

sarcopenia starts with two specific areas in your body the quadricep that's the front part of your thigh and then the abdominal muscles you just start losing the abdominal muscles so it's difficult to do a sit-up so then as it progresses you get a loss of the mass of muscle throughout the body you also lose your appetite to a certain degree.

Reasons for this

you have a risk of falling and many times there's no symptoms until it becomes very very severe it's worsened by becoming immobile just not moving it's worse than by nutritional efficiencies and definitely a lack of exercise or motion there's two factors to look at.

How to determine it??

when someone has sarcopenia number one the initial muscle mass and number two the rate of muscle mass decline the loss of weight and how rapid that occurs and that's really a good way to determine if you have sarcopenia.


How to improve Excercise

the most important thing is to add exercise routine regular consistent exercise it can dramatically slow the rate of muscle loss especially if you do a resistance type training where you're working the whole body and you can use your own body weight as well whether it's push-ups or sit-ups etc number two vitamin d very important minimally 10 000 ius but you probably want to go to 20 000 iu's next nutrient which is very important omega-3 fatty acids which is in fish oils or cod liver oil.



amino acids but keto essential amino acids has a very unique blend of all the essential amino acids that you should take especially leucine leucine has been found to stimulate muscle growth and prevent the loss of muscle so it's really good for muscle atrophy and then we have something called hm b which is beta hydroxy beta methyl butyrate and this compound based on several studies has shown to significantly reduce the loss of muscle all right.
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It would be great if you also mention simple name of these terms in title so others can also understand.

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Thank u for ur suggestion,changed accordingly

 5 months ago 

Thank you for sharing this information. This really helpful for me because I am also losing my muscles and become weak as well. Now I know the reasons why it was happening and I will try to improve them. Thanks again.


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