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  • Yesterday I went to hospital and I saw so many patients of parkinson's disease and I should make a post and educate the people about this disease how this disease initiates.

  • Definition of parkinson's disease

  • Parkinson's is a disease in which motor activities Means movements are effected and the very first symptom that appear is tremors in hand as well as stiffness with movements and very slow movements.

  • Along with movements the speech is also effected and and sometime we can't understand what the patient is trying to say because speach is very slurred.


  • Unfortunately we don't have any specific treatment for parkinson's disease sometime if we give medicine that can even more elaborates the sign and symptoms.So most of the time we recommend surgery.

  • Sign and symptoms

  • Initially the symptoms are not very severe.primary symptoms are from minor to moderate.But still alot of people get symptoms that are tremors usually in hands and some time your doing something and have tremors and in some patients even they are at rest but still they have tremors.

  • The person walks very slowly in medical that term is called bradykinesia and slow in everything.If you give them 10 minutes to eat a bread they can't finish it.And sometime if they are sitting and you ask them stand up they will take so much time to get up... initially I joined the hospital so see patients and I don't know the pathophysiology of this patients and I get angry why you can't stand up immidiatly and then our senior doctor explained me the whole disease. Because their muscles are so much painful and stiff they take time slowly to do any movements.

  • Association

  • And their coordination problem their posture is unequal and imbalance and they have stability problem.Dont allow such patients to do sacrifice their animals on Eid because they itself are correct for doing sacrifice but their coordination imbalance.

  • Some of their automatic gestures are lost let's say you tell them joke but they can't smile,your going somewhere they can't wave their hands to say good buy.
    Even they can't blink.
    If you want to talk with them speak slowly and unfastened.


  • Writing Disability

  • Very difficult for them to write anything and they will write so small can't understand what they have written.

  • Pathophysiology of this disease

  • Why this happened to patients because their neuron's have been degenerated and die.All the symptoms appeared just because of the loss of neurons. As well as dopamine level is decrease as well that's why movements are so slow.

  • Sometime the disease is idiopathic don't have any reason.
    In some patients have history in family so it's genetics as well but in very rare cases this is seen that patients have association of family history.
    Some time the disease is due to environmental factors if the person is exposed to some dangerous toxins.

  • Diagnosis

  • Their is lewy Bodies can be seen in some patients if in pregnancy have got chicken pox.
    So how do we know patients body have lewy Bodies formation there is name alpha synuclein that can be analyzed inside

  • Who is at risk

  • Men
    Gender affected by this disease than females . ingestions of herbicide or pesticide can also risk for disease.

  • What are the trouble associated with this disease


  • Trouble is the that patients forgot everything sometime and some time some of his memory due to because have dementia. And also have thinking problem.Mood swings morning looks very happy and evening looks so sad depressed.


Pal main tola pal main Masha

  • And sometime also have symptoms of fear ,afraid of things ,tension , depressed, eating problem can't swallow well.
    Saliva can collected in mouth because of slow swallowing.


  • Treatment

  • Doctor can prescribe medication and surgery is mainstay.

Source This article is taken from my patients and what I have learned in hospital.

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Wao great information. Thank you for sharing this information.

You do a very good post. Thanks for sharing this great info

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