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Assalamualaikum every one.Hope all of you will be fine and enjoying the good health. Today I am here with you to share my knowledge about another interesting topic of IT field.

The Light Tree

The light tree is a place to multiply all the visible channels, which can extend many fiber links. Therefore, light tree technology allows a single hop connection between the source node and a set of destination destinations. Therefore, a tree based on virtual topology can significantly reduce the hop distance, thereby increasing network output.
The concept of a light tree is introduced into a routed optical optical network, using wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM).

According to the basic networks of physical topology can be divided into three generations:

a) *First Generation:

these networks do not use fiber optic technology; instead they use copper-based technology or microwave.

b) *Second Generation:

these networks use optical fibers to transmit data but switching is done to the power network.

c) * Third Generation:

In these networks both data transfer and switching are done in the optical domain.
WDM wide area networks use laser and flexible filters in access points and optical / electronic switching on routing nodes. The access point may transmit signals to different wavelengths, which are connected to the fiber using wavelength multiplexers. The optical signal passing through the optical wavelength-routing switch (WRS) can be transmitted from the outgoing fiber without opto-electronic conversion.

What is light path?

The light path is an all-seeing channel, which can be used to carry shifted traffic, and may open many fiber links. Giving a certain wavelength to it sets this. In the absence of wavelength converters, the light path will take the same wavelength limit.
A simple route carries not only the direct traffic between the nodes it connects, but also the traffic from the river ramps to the ramps of your destination. The main purpose of the connection in the light path is to reduce the number of hops the package has to pass through.
Under the light method connection, the network uses the same number of senders and receivers because each light method operates on a targeted basis. However this method cannot fully utilize all wavelengths in all fiber links in the network, nor can it fully exploit all the switching power of each WRS.

Transmissions of Light Tree

A simple light tree has the following transmissions.

•Unicast traffic
•Stream traffic
•Multi-character traffic

Unicast traffic:

Multiple streams of IP packets running between networks flows from a single location, such as a web server, to a single storage location as a client PC. This is the most common form of information transmission on networks.

Broadcast traffic

Here, traffic flows from one location to all possible terminals in a network, usually a LAN. This is an easy way to ensure that traffic reaches its destinations.
This mode is widely used in television networks for video and audio distribution.

Multicast traffic:

In this way traffic stays between unicast limits (one point to one place) and broadcast (one point to all areas). And multicast is a “one of the many destination” for distribution of traffic, meaning that only destinations clearly indicate their need to receive data from a particular source in order to stream traffic.

Use of Light Tree:

The light tree is active in the following areas:
•In teleconferencing
•In software distribution or file distribution that includes duplicate file on the screened site.
•In distributed games
•Internet news distribution
•Internet TV

Benefits of light tree:

The benefits of a light tree are :

•It has a data security feature.
•Easy to install.
•Eliminates the dangers of sparks.
•Provides high bandwidth over long distances.

Disadvantages of light tree:

The disadvantages of light tree technology are as follows:
•It is quite expensive
•It has features such as weakness and invisibility.
•It requires special skills.


Hope the summary about today's topic will be informative to you. Thanks for your time.
Stay Blessed
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Good post dear friend your post is very informative for everyone.

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