Curator Cat: Happy Caturday Evening!

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Hello fellow Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Hope this has been a good day for everyone! So far, this has been a somewhat busy weekend because we actually have visitors, those being the Hoomans' adult son and daughter from Seattle. It has been a long time since we've all been in the same place!

In my cat bed!

I really like when they are here because there are that many more people to pay attention to the cat!

Kidding aside, this whole "lockdown" thing has made us rather used to spending most of our time in quiet aloneness. But that might change, as my Hoomans have been talking about getting a kitten sometime this spring or summer, so I might have a playmate!

With BeBe, a couple of years ago. Sadly, she died last year

I've enjoyed being "only cat" in the house for a while, but the dog just doesn't understand how we cats like to run around and chase stuff.

Besides, she's getting rather old!

I OWN this dog!

But she's still very good as a napping companion.

Anyway, nothing is cast in stone yet, but at least there is now talk about a new member of the household!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful remainder of your weekend!


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Lovely black cat! Looks like mine...