Curator Cat Caturday Retrospective: Just Some Cute Kitten Photos!

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Greetings fabulous Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

We've arrive at Saturday again, and that means my favorite day of the week: CATURDAY!


Going to do a bit of a "retrospective" this week, taking a look back to when I was just a small kitten!

These pictures of me were all taken just a few days after I arrived in my new "Forever Home," and everything was just a whole big new world to be explored.


As you can see, in the sun I even had just a hint of stripes, showing the truth of the old saying that "ALL cats are striped."

Even though my fur is actually a solid black, I did indeed have faint stripes as a kitten.


Like all kittens, I was full of energy and would get into absolutely everything to explore!

It didn't take me long to settle in and love my new surroundings. I even became fast friends with the household dog "Daisy," who has often served as a sort of "surrogate mom" for me.

Even now that I am a 4-year old adult cat, we still take naps together!


I definitely got very lucky to find the loving home I did... so much better than my start as part of "a box of kittens" someone brought to the animal shelter!

Thanks for stopping by to look at my pictures, and I hope you had a wonderful Caturday, as well!


X-057/356 2021-06-12



 2 months ago 

Goodness! Smudge in the Christmas tree! That's a wonderful shot!

Happy Caturday!