Influence of SBDs on your growth

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Welcome to the post. Hopefully, all of you will be doing well and enjoying the time with the grace and blessings of Almighty Allah. Today, I'm here to be a part of the week 1 contest in the Scouts y sus Amigos community. The topic of discussion is quite informtive and interesting, Influence of SBDs on your growth. So, let's start the fun without any wastage of time.


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Did you know about sbd or is it something new to you?

Yes, off course I know about the SBDs from the time when I joined the Steemit platform. The full form of the SBD is Steem Backed Dollar and it is actually one of the native tokens of the Steemit platform. It is actually meant for the stability of the STEEM token price in the market.

When I joined the platform, the users were rewarded with the SBDs like now. SBD being a reward coin, is minted when the users post their blogs or comments on the platform. The priniting of the SBDs directly depends on the SBD/STEEM debt ratio and it futher depends on the STEEM and SBD market prices.

How has the arrival of SBDs influenced your growth?

Well, there is no doubt that the arrival of the SBDs has influenced the growth of the Steemians a lot. When we are rewarded in the form of the SBDs then obviously the overall reward ratio is higher as compared to when we are rewarded with just STEEM tokens.

The reward ratio of the Steemit platform is such that whne the debt ratio is below 9, the SBD printing is 100%, when it is between 9 to 10, the SBD printing varies according to the exact ratio and when it is higher than 10, there is no SBD printing.

The printing of the SBD tokens influence the overall rewards a lot. For example, if a user got 40$ upvote and there is no SBD printing, he will receive only 40 STEEM and 40 SP. But when there is complete SBD printing, the rewards will be 10 SBD (almost 130 STEEM, according to current rate) and half the SP. So, the overalll rewards are higher in the presence of the SBD coins.

Do you consider that it is better to receive rewards directly in Steem or do you prefer them in SBD? Why?

The answer to this question is very Obvious, I would surely appreciate and prefer receiving the SBDs in the rewards as the overall reward ratio is much higher in the presence of the SBDs. As I have already stated an example, and according to that example, the overall rewward ratio is multiplied by more than 1.5X in the presence of the SBD coins.


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One of the major reason is that when the overall liquid rewards will be higher, the users are able to cash out more liquid rewards. Another important thing is that the staking (powering up) activity will be obviously increase with the increase of the liquid rewards in the presence of SBD.

Another important reason that I must mention here is that when there is the printing of the SBDs, the growth of the Steemit platform is also positively impacted as more users and investors are attracted towards the platform when they realize that there are good rewards for the authors and investors (curators), both. So, these three reasons are valid enough to justify my answer.

Tell us your story with SBDs as a reward?

The printing of the SBD plays a very important role in the growth of the users on the Steemit platform. The liquid rewards are much higher and likewise, the SP conversion ratio become higher when there are higher liquid rewards.

Talking about my personal growth story with the SBDs. We all know that there was no printing of the SBDs for the past more than one year and it was the main reason why the growth of my SP was slower as compared to the time before more than one year.

And now, all of you are also a witness of this thing that our overall rewards ratio is much higher than the past few months. So, we are always optamistic about the growth on the Steemit platform in the presence of the SBD coins.

I would like to invite my friends @malikusman1, @kouba01, and @ashkhan to be a part of this amzing contest.

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Saludos cordiales gran amigo steemdoctor1, un gusto para mi saludarte, leer y comentar tu participación.

Una moneda secundaria que posee un mayor valor, para nosotros la llegada nuevamente de los SBD nos genera alegria y crecimiento, esperemos sea duradero.

Feliz y bendecida tarde.

Very right friend, thanks a lot for the comment

Hi @steemdoctor1, I really enjoy reading your entry, you have extra everything in great detail, since SBD came back, people have been able to gather some Steem for themselves and there are able to build their steempower, so many people have gotten dolphin not one or even two but three or even four dolphin, I have seen how this SBD have influence you. More winning boss

Thanks a lot dear friend ❣️


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