Scout power up contest || Today I power up 80 steem and reached 8000 steem power

Greetings everyone,

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I hope you all are well. Today I am participating in the power up contest organized by the scouts y sus amigos community. Recently I was unable to participate in a power up contest. But this contest caught my eye today, so I decided to participate. Today is the last day of this contest.

Powering up is a good habit. It will be a reason to increase our steem power and strengthen our progress in the steemit platform.

Today's power up is special for me. Because after doing this power up, my steem power exceeds 8000. This will make my double dolphin dream come true soon.

My power up

Before power up :- 7962. 863 Steem power

Screenshot taken from my steemit wallet

Screenshot taken from my steemit wallet

After Power Up :- 8043 Steem power

Screenshot taken from my steemit wallet

Screenshot taken from my steemit wallet

My power up doesn't stop here. Looking forward to power up always. And since I have been following club100 for 4 months now, I am working on powering up all my steem.

Finally, I would like to invite some of my friends to participate in this contest.

The End....❤

🎀 Thanks for reading 🎀


Congratulations dear for achieve 8k steem.You are doing your job very well. Best wishes for your future. Inshaallah, soon you will achieve you second dolphin.🥰

Thank you so much dear ❤

Hey Dear,

Great job dear. I wish your double dolphin dream come true soon. And, Thank you for inviting me for the contest. Have a nice dy dear!💓

Thank you so much dear ❤

 5 months ago 

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Congratulations on your achievement...

Thank you so much dear

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