My Experience at Scout Camp & Application of Several Learning Methods for Campfire Material

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⚜️⚜️⚜️Salam Pramuka⚜️⚜️⚜️

Welcome to the Madrasah Aliyah Negeri of Insan Cendikia (MAN IC) East Aceh. Scout camp is certainly one form of student character education, Friday night I arrived at the venue, even though I came after the opening ceremony was over, but I was happy because I was immediately greeted by pak Andhika (MAN IC Scoutmaster), immediately greeted the participants and even got to be with the participants right on the first night of the camp. It is necessary to know, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (PERJUSAMI) scouting camp activities, in this case MAN IC scouts in collaboration with IAIN Lhokseumawe Scouts.

Before going to bed, I and my friends from the committee along with Mr. Andhika immediately held a discussion for Saturday morning activities, in this case I had the opportunity to provide material & my experience about the campfire ceremony, and a little additional explanation about the 10 promises of Indonesian Scouts (Dasa Dharma Pramuka).

Saturday Exactly at 10.00 WIB (initial schedule at 16.30 WIB), starting to enter the campfire material, the schedule was changed and exchanged after a request from the Scout Management of the East Aceh, but in this case I was forced to make 2 separate teams between the boys & daughter, with a slightly different time in explaining the material, by making 2 circles, because the number of students almost reaches 200 participants, imagine how exciting it will be? The scout training participants are from class X and class XI.


To make it easier for participants to understand this material, I use several learning methods;

  1. Lecture Plus Method:

    • Lectures Plus Discussion
    • Lectures Plus Q&A
      This type of method can be said to be a combination of 3 methods at once, Lectures, Discussions, Questions and Answers.
  2. Learning by Doing Method
    Method Learning by doing, although not involving all students, this method is very effective for outdoor learning.

  3. The Role Playing Methode
    I use this method because of my attachment to the Learning by Doing method. And take an active role directly.

My material started from the ceremonial order, the position of the ceremony participants, even the ceremonial officers, the procedures for the entrance process for the campfire officers, and the lighting of the campfire, to the closing of the campfire ceremony.

Learn by Doing Procedures for the entrance process the lighting of the campfire

IMG_20211023_223818.jpgCampfire Ceremony

In the evening, we immediately entered the campfire ceremony, around 22.00 WIB, and the next day ended with hiking activities. The closing ceremony was held in the afternoon by the head of the MAN IC in the building hall.

IMG-20211103-WA0001.jpgClosing Ceremony

That's my experience in scout camp activities at MAN IC East Aceh.

Cheers @musscout.
You only live once, enjoy it, be grateful, then die.

Thanks to ; @fjjrg , @aleravago , @karianaporras , @ponpase

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Pengalaman yang sangat memberikan motivasi kepada banyak anggota Pramuka lainnya, Do the best and never stop to learning, Steem On!

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Oke brother..

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We do together, Salam Pramuka!

Salam pramuka @musscout👏👏👏✌

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Salam pramuka kakak

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Interesante conocer sobre el Ceremonial Scout en Indonesia, las Fogatas son un marco Simbolico que encierra mucha mistica en los campamentos Scouts, gracias por compartir tus Vivencias dentro del Escultismo de tu Pais.

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De nada señor.. solicite su apoyo y orientación ..

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oh dios, es esto cierto? Apenas puedo creerlo .. gracias .. de verdad gracias

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