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Hello everyone I hope you are all ok and enjoy the good life by the grace of Allah Almighty I am here for the participate in the amazing engagement challenge which organised by the Scouts y sus Amigos the name of this challenge is It all Ends with Death so let's start;


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Do you believe in life after death?

Death is reality and every thing in this world face this reality one day we can never deny this reality we came in this world with sequence but death not see the sequence we see many cases in our daily life infront of our eyes many people lost their life in different accidents and due to illness it's a reality that we will leave this world we are muslims and one day we will face the reality of death especially every muslim believes that we will face the death.


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I am Muslim and I have strong believe on the death because in our Holy Book Quran Majeed it's clearly mentioned by the Allah Almighty;

"Every living body has to taste death"

Death is a natural truth and we will face this truth one day we live in this world temporarily but the after the life death is permanent after the death we spent our life in the graves we will raise one day infront of Allah and will give the answers to Allah of our life how we spent this life in the world.

Do you think of death as something natural, or do you avoid everything related to this subject?

I have already said that Death is natural truth and we will face this truth one day death is a important part of our life we spend this life only for face the truth Allah Almighty give the life only for the preparation of reall life which we face after the death there are two phenomenas in our life if we do the good things we will send to the heaven and if we do the bad things we will send into the hell.


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Allah is a great planner and he gives the proper way of life to man in this world we have a great opportunity to lead the life according to plan of Allah Almighty we will success in our life and after the death we will lead the life in the heaven it's our choice which type of life we lead in this world and how Allah will treat us after death according to our good and bad things.

Have you ever been in a situation that put you at risk of death, what did you feel?

It was a condition when i was feeling very much fearful and devastated and like i was going to die that day. It is the story when i was 15 years old and i was leaving in my village i love the village life because i have spent my childhood there are even now when i went to the village them i feel very much happy and comfortable with it.

It was the time when i was reading in the secondary school of my village our school was present at the one side of the housing colonies of the village and there were fields and crops everywhere around my school. Mostly in the summer season i and my friends decided to go to the green fields after the school off.


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One day when we went to the fields then we decided to swim in the tube well which is one of the most beautiful behavior that we experience in the childhood we also play with the water of the tube well and enjoy there. While we was enjoying the time and swimming in the tube well then one my friend make fun with me and pushed my head into the water depth.

The tube well was much deeper than my height so i was feeling as i was about to drown there and my friend was thinking that i was making fun even if i was unconscious and after some seconds he pulled me back. He was also worried that it was something bad with me then we realized that i was about to drown in the depth of the tube well.

How do you want to be remembered after death?


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According to Islam everyone should remember the death every time there are many Hadith of our Holy Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and give the proper guidelines about the death after the life as a Muslim I always remember my death in good words I always try to do good work in my life that people remember me in good words.

I hope you will like my post and encouraging me to create more content thank for reading my post

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Of course, brother, where did you say that coming into this world can be arranged, but there is no order to leave, and surely everyone in this world has to taste death, absolutely, death can come suddenly, there is no way of knowing it, ALLAH Almighty. He is the best planner. ALLAH Almighty gave you a new life. If your friend kept pushing you for a while, you wouldn't know. Surely you have seen death very closely. May our beloved Prophet tell us the ways of life. By following which we can improve our hereafter. May ALLAH grant us all the ability to do good deeds and follow them, Ameen.

Saludos que bueno que en medio de ese momento tan difícil, donde tu vida estuvo en peligro de muerte pudiste salir ileso, me imagino esa experiencia te marco para toda la vida.

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