Which Is Better To Invest In Cryptocurrency Or Stock Market?

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If only from the perspective of yield, the yield of cryptocurrency will still be much higher. There are two main reasons: first, cryptocurrency or emerging field. Currently, there are not many funds coming in, few participants and huge potential investors in the future; second, cryptocurrency is still in the early stage of development. Once it is implemented in the future and has subversive applications, its appreciation space will be too high to imagine.

But we can't choose an investment product purely in terms of yield, but also in terms of other factors, such as liquidity. The so-called liquidity refers to whether the channel of realization is smooth and the cost is low when we need to realize the investment goods. Obviously, the digital currency is not as good as the stock market.


The recent "blocking" incident has sounded a wake-up call to all cryptocurrency investors. Every investor who invests in digital currency must consider the realization of cryptocurrency in the future. If there is too much risk in cashing, it will inevitably prevent a considerable number of investors from entering this field and its development.

There are millions of profits in the stock market, which can be withdrawn from the stock account to the bank card at any time. There is no big problem. But if we make millions on cryptocurrencies, it will not be so smooth to withdraw the money.

So my point is that we can't invest all our funds in cryptocurrencies, especially in large funds. We must diversify our investment and take advantage of each investment product.

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