Ethereum represents the direction of blockchain in the future? Invest in Ethereum!

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Bitcoin, which just hit the $10000 mark, suddenly fell below $10000 overnight. Now it seems that $10000 has become a watershed for bitcoin. In recent years, if its price stands at $10000, its price will be returned to within $10000 as soon as everyone is ready for the start of the bull market.

This time, the history repeats again, and the contract positions that accompany every collapse in the past also appear again, which is no less tragic - about 600 million US dollars.

Some self media articles say that this is the behavior of "makers", but I don't think it's meaningful to regard the unexpected situation in the market as the result of some behind the scenes organizational manipulation. As long-term investors, we still treat it as usual and operate it with the established strategy - as long as bitcoin is within 10000 US dollars, whether it's the result of human manipulation or market behavior, it's not significant You can make a decision. If you fall below 8000 dollars, you can make a decision with confidence.

Ten thousand dollars will not always be the watershed of bitcoin. Once bitcoin stands on ten thousand dollars one day, it will never turn back. So we should cherish the rare investment opportunity at present.

In this crash, we can see that Ethereum is much stronger than bitcoin, basically only fluctuating between $220 and $240. I think it not only shows the firmness of price, but also implies the firmness of investors' confidence in Ethereum.

After bitcoin is halved, the biggest focus of chain circle and currency circle can even be said to be Ethereum in the next 2-3 years, because Ethereum represents the direction of blockchain in the future.

Two years ago, many projects also claimed to defeat Ethereum and replace Ethereum. Now, no matter in ecology or in application, the threshold formed by Ethereum is incomparable to other projects. In order for dapps in Ethereum ecosystem to play their real potential, it is necessary for Ethereum 2.0 to go online to provide such a high-performance platform, so that they can give full play to their potential.

Therefore, Ethereum 2.0 will be the focus of the whole circle before it goes online. Its progress directly represents the progress of the whole blockchain.


Recently, there is a news that is fundamentally good for Ethereum: the scheme deployed for the second layer expansion of Ethereum has been basically successful. What does that mean? This means that Ethereum is a big step forward in performance.

As we all know, the biggest problem of Ethereum is its poor performance, which leads to the slow operation of contracts and high transaction costs. Because of this, the improvement of Ethereum performance is one of the core problems to be solved in Ethereum 2.0. In addition to solving the problem of performance expansion on Ethereum 2.0, the Ethereum community also proposed a series of performance expansion schemes under the chain.
Therefore, in the next 2-3 years, there are several key nodes of Ethereum that deserve our high attention. Every time these key nodes are solved, Ethereum 2.0 will take a big step forward, so Ethereum will bring continuous hot spots.

Not only the industry has seen the trend of Ethereum, but also the importance of Ethereum 2.0. In fact, investors have also seen the trend of Ethereum. Some time ago, gray Fund released the latest investment report. According to the data shown in the report, institutional investors are now buying Ethereum much faster than bitcoin.

For our long-term investors, in the next two to three years, if bitcoin and Ethereum are both within the fixed investment price we set, I suggest that everyone's investment focus should be on Ethereum, that is to say, at most 50% of the funds invested in bitcoin and at least 50% of the funds invested in Ethereum.

I hope my content will help you!🍺


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