Vertical Garden Planting Method With Flannel Fabric Media

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Hello friends of Steemit Garden, I hope you are all in good health and blessed. In this post I again have the opportunity to share posts about gardening.

In this post I want to share about planting techniques through a vertical garden system. This planting method can save more land than traditional planting methods on ordinary garden land. This vertical garden planting method can save space, especially in a narrow garden area.


This planting method is to use planting media, where plants are planted in layers from top to bottom to all sides. The preparation of planting media with this method also makes the plants look neater and more aesthetic. As I found in one of the gardens when I visited one of the tourist sites in Takengon City.

In one of these very famous cafes, I found one of the garden locations planted with the vertical garden method. The concept of plants that are made perpendicularly saves more space on garden land. So that in the planting process it is also easy to grow ornamental flower plants.


Types of plants that are suitable to be planted with this method are ornamental flower plants, small fruit plants and various vegetables. This planting method uses flannel as a planting medium, they choose to use black flannel. Because black has a high level of absorption of sunlight which can help plant growth and fertility.

Flannel is a type of fabric made from wool fiber which is at the stage of the manufacturing process without being woven. This type of fabric has a high level of thickness and cotton that can absorb water. So that at the time of watering, the quantity of water absorbed in the cloth will last up to several days.


In this garden they use flannel with a width of 4 meters and a height of 2 meters. To support this flannel, a retaining frame has been made using wooden posts, where the flannel has been tightly nailed to the wooden posts. In the area of ​​​​the fabric, it is made to resemble a bag for a place to be used as a medium for growing plants.

In the bag put a little soil to be used as a space for growing vegetables. Planting ornamental flowers or vegetables with this vertical garden method is indeed not easy compared to the usual traditional planting methods. We need to carry out regular maintenance and make appropriate arrangements for the placement of the plant position on the flannel cloth planting medium.


Setting the position of plant placement and pocket space that functions as a plant pot aims to avoid pests. This is also to prevent the plants from wilting and being damaged. In addition, we also pay attention that plants can be exposed to sunlight to help the photosynthesis process.

Thus my review of the technique of planting using the vertical garden method with flannel media. Hopefully this post can provide useful information and education. Thank you for reading and supporting my post.

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