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I woke up in the morning and went to visit the garden again. Although I visit my garden in the morning and afternoon. I went there and saw some very beautiful flowers blooming. I was surprised. Because I have never seen such beautiful flowers in my garden before and never seen so many together. A small child picked a flower in my house. If he wasn't a toddler I would have given him a hard slap. Because plucking flowers from a tree is a big crime and plucking flowers from a tree destroys the beauty of the tree. Let me know what you think through comments.






I try to keep the flowers in my garden well. I work hard with my garden. Because I didn't buy all the trees in my garden with my own money. Maybe my father bought them or my mother bought them. If not, my elder brother bought it. If I don't take care of the plants they bought, it will look very bad.








Creating a garden at home is a beautiful thing. Plant trees and save the environment. Create a garden in your home to enhance the beauty of your home. See you later with some new content, everyone stay well and stay healthy. Assalamu Alaikum.

camera / samsung galaxy m31

64 / Mega pixel

Location / Bangladesh

Edit / Light Room


Sprouting goodness!🌱

 3 months ago 

Very good picture image I really like the style of the picture of your post thank you many friends for sharing with us, I wish you good luck 🌸

Thank you.

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