Burnsteem25: Transfering my Eggplant Vegetables

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Hello plant lovers and gardeners,

I'm always be inspired to have a green sorrounding and never been tired repeating this line...

Then inspirations in making and sharing some post pertaining to plants and vegetables in the backyard. Then sharing also some basic planting techniques because not everyone had the will to plant..


Actually there are people who really loves in planting and gardening. Which almost spend all of the time in planting a varieties of vegetable and plants. Which these kind of people are called as green thumb/green fingers which gladly I am one of these people...

I'm saying that these kind of people are one of a kind because of their dedication to plant. Which these hobbies also had a big impact and benefit to the environment...

Where it will add to have a beautiful sorroundings then at the same time also helps in maintaining and balancing the ecosystem...


It's because plants and vegetables had a very big rule in giving such oxygen. Most specially in the living things that exist in our mother earth...

So that's why, how I am willing and eagerness to plant of different kind of vegetables at home. Just like by now, I am transfering my eggplant vegetables in the soil. It's because eggplant vegetables are also very greedy in soil nutrients. And it needs to have a huge space that it can absorb a plenty of nutrients in the soil...


So how I transferred it with not to totally desturb the roots. And some of my basic planting tips..

I made a hole for about 20 centimeter in diameter X 20 centimeter in depth. So almost in balance in dimensions using with an excavator bar and spades...

Then I'd cut it into halves using with scissor the water bottle pot inorder to not to destroy it's roots...

After I put already the eggplant vegetables into the hole. And suddenly fills in it with soil on both sides...

Then after filling it with soil. Compressed the sorrounding of the eggplant...

And done...

This is my planting shots...





So this is it, my simple and own ways of planting then transfering these eggplant vegetables...

Always loves in going and having a green sorrounding..



The age of growing, let’s go!🌳🌳🌳

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Thank you for supporting my post.

Love snake plants. They are so beautiful indoors and out 🌻🌻🌻

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Absolutely! I love your profile too, avocado! My favorite...

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Thank you very much for your wonderful and useful post!
Unique - 100%

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Your welcome...

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