Burnsteem25: Making Another Trellis For My Ampalaya

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Greetings friends...

Always inspired to be green...

Since Central Visayas encountered a successive heavy rainfalls for these past days. And as a gardener it was really a blessing for my vegetable plant at home. Inorder that it can absorb more rain water for it's fast growing...

And it was really interesting because I will gain such time and effort to water them everyday. By means of these heavy rainfall that drops to our place. Which so much lucky and blessed for these natural phenomenon of mother nature..

As I have posted last 20 days ago which all about my homesteading activity at home. So for that, I was really inspired to make an another trellis for my ampalaya vegetable vines. That started already to crawl and hanging above soil or to higher level of the soil...


And inorder to support and avoid it's stem from broken.
So it was needed to be supported with some twigs of the trees. So then I immediately cut some old branches of the trees inorder to serves as a post and a girder..

Then dig a holes on the soil at the four corners of the trellis. Inorder to make a foundation for the post of my trellis. Then cut some scrap galvanized cable wires to kept it and as a ties inorder to hold it tight into the twigs...


It's because ampalaya vines also needs some enough space in above levels of the soil. And inorder to have a proper place for the fruit so that it is perfectly growing..

Were it's leaves look so beautiful because of it's green leaves. Which the healthy stem and vines started to develop inorder to crawl upward the soil. Whereas, in propagating these kind of vegetables was not really need an time and effort. Which all you have to do was to let it grows on the backyard..


Whereas, it is also really one of my hobby when I was in the house. Which all I have to do was spending time to plant in the backyard because I really loves to plant specifically vegetables...

Very proud that I had inherit a farmer's thumb. Which it was really running through my veins. It's because I really loves to plant at home...


And this is it, my backyard gardening activity for today. Have some inspirations reading on my backyard gardening post...

Thank you and have a blessed day...

 3 months ago 

Thank you very much for your beauitful post and photos, my friend!
You need do vesting transfer to your Steem Power, the i can nomiate your post to booming

 3 months ago 

Your welcome friend. Thanks likewise...

good activity, farming is a fun activity at a certain time, will harvest, success with gardening.

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much my friend..

Your garden is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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